RockX White-label ValidatorsRun your own branded validators, secure the network and earn revenue by having RockX manage your Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators
What are white-label validators?
Transactions on the blockchain are validated and verified by validator nodes that receive staking rewards.Our white-label solution allows you to create validator nodes effortlessly for your users to stake and earn rewards.Customized to fit your needs, let our world-class infrastructure and support help you achieve more.
Why RockX white-label validators?
Simple Setup
All-in-one setup including key management, servers, and network security for any PoS Blockchain
Customizable Models
Flexibility to accommodate special requirements and custom requests
Proven Reliability
24/7 performance monitoring of validator nodes, with > 99.9% uptime since 2019
Professional Support
Around the clock support to resolve technical issues and implement validator maintenance
Low Costs
Competitive and transparent pricing models with no upfront fees or hidden costs
Highest Security
Security by design methodology with regular updates to ensure system safety
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are RockX's responsibilities?

RockX will set up validators for the selected blockchain(s), manage the validators and admin keys, and ensure the validators' smooth operation. We will perform regular health checks and maintenance on the validator nodes, upgrade them whenever required, manage commissions of staking rewards, and distribute token rewards periodically.

What are customers' responsibilities?

Who keeps the validator keys?

Where do rewards go?

Can I change the commission rate when I want?

What's in it for me? How will I benefit from setting up a validator node through RockX?

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