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Build the foundation for healthy digital asset management with the most transparent and secure enterprise-grade liquid staking platform.

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100% Yield-Bearing, 0% Frozen

There's no doubt about it: Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchains are the future.

However, participating as a validator has some drawbacks, the most significant of which is that staked tokens become frozen and illiquid.

Liquid staking was developed to solve this problem. By abstracting the deposition of tokens from running a validator node, users can now participate in PoS blockchains without having to freeze their assets.

Bedrock gives you direct access to liquid assets while allowing you to earn yield on your tokens by providing you with a representative token when you stake your asset.

Safely anchor your ETH without restricting any liquidity.

Institutions needs a transparent and secure solution to liquid staking now more than ever

The vast majority of liquid staking protocols today are not made with institutions in mind.

A non-custodial liquid staking solution that addresses their compliance requirements is sorely missing.

In short, institutions are still missing their bedrock to perform liquid staking at scale.

Introducing compliance, transparency, and security to liquid staking.

Bedrock is a non-custodial solution that fits the needs of institutions looking for a foundation for liquid staking at scale through cutting-edge technology and regulatory compliance. By bringing a whole new level of transparency and security to liquid staking, Bedrock allows institutions to unlock liquidity safely while leveraging a true crypto-native solution.

The most transparent and secure institutional-grade liquid staking solution available

Smart Contracts
Verifiable Supply
Secret Shared Validator
High Availability
Audited, Open-source Smart Contracts

Audited, Open-source Smart Contracts

All smart contracts have been audited by Peckshield, an industry-leading audit firm. Alternatively, scrutinise every little detail yourself as all contracts are open-source and available for anyone to view.

Let Bedrock be the foundation of something new

Beyond being a liquid staking protocol, Bedrock is a piece of solid, core infrastructure that enables institutions to build upon it. Whether that may be a centralized exchange, a market maker, or a digital asset management firm, we've designed customized solutions to benefit all parties.

Fuss-free ETH Staking For Your Users
For Centralized Exchanges

Fuss-free ETH Staking For Your Users

Bedrock's plug-and-play solution enables a swift, seamless integration with any platform so you can easily allow your users to access ETH staking without breaking a sweat. All while maintaining liquidity on their assets.

Earn Yield By Stabilizing Liquidity
For Market makers

Earn Yield By Stabilizing Liquidity

Cash in on arbitrage opportunities as Bedrock progresses and grows. Become a market maker for our tokens for earning opportunities from the spread on our trading pairs.

Generate Returns Without Compromising Liquidity
for digital asset management firms

Generate Returns Without Compromising Liquidity

Stretch the returns on your digital assets without worrying about security. Bedrock keeps your assets liquid so you can implement compounding yield strategies to maximise returns.

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